Container cabin

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This container is equipped with a unit which in addition to an outside application may also be placed in a standard sea container.

The unit is dotated with:

- electrical implant outside the unit;

- Lighting 1 x 36 watt.;

- Socket 16 A.;

- the floor is made with a vynil flooring; 

- the roof has a finishing in galvanized steel plate 2 mm.;

- forklift pockets;

- walls and roof are executed in sandwich panels, Rc = 1,85;

- the supporting structure is made up of a 1.5 mm thick galvanized structure.;

Dimensions of the units are:

Internal: 2.620 x 2.160 x 2.110 (LxWxH)


Container type: 10ft standaard    


Outside measurements (m) 

Length                 Width                   Height   

2,991                     2,438                     2,591   

Inside measurements (m)

Length                 Width                   Height   

2,84                       2,35                       2,39   


Width                   Height    

2,342                     2,28    

Gross weight                    Net weight                        Tare weight   

10160                                   8860                                      1300   

Content                              15,96    

All measurements and weights are indicativ.